‘Sup guys? I know I haven’t been posting enough these days and I already said that it is because I’ve been busy with bands things and all of that. So I decided to write a little about it so you get to know it once and for all.

You can read the spanish version of this post here.

This is Musanostra.

 Musanostra was born in 2011 as a band of young rebels who made indie-dance music. Over the years, with all the experiences, encounters and farewells, it became a family that walks united between Latin American folk, indie and the hope that gives the love for freedom.


In our melting pot of influences come Jorge Drexler, Devendra Banhart and Ali Primera, with the Arctic Monkeys, Fleet Foxes, RHCP and traditional Venezuelan music. The muses dance freely between styles, giving us the inspiration with which we composed after countless coffees, in countless early mornings.

They were winners of the New Bands East circuit and blablabla, that’s the least, the important thing is that they sound great and they are good people. In these moments I am playing (the bass) with them, as well as in other musical projects, but I’ll tell you about that later. I’ll share a little of a rehearsal here, another little here.

A magazine cover here.
(Newspaper El Tiempo)

An interview on the radio here.
(La Mega)


And that’s it, you are Musamonsters already, welcome!


Right now we are finishing recording a promotional single with its respective video. (We have other videos out there in case you want to look at them but I look terrible so don’t look too much at them =) So yeah, rehearsals, gigs, and more rehearsals that take part of my time with my dear you; but I haven’t left, nor will I go!


I leave the Instagram of the band here @musanostra in case you want to take a look, and I say goodbye for now. I hope that you do great and that when I return everyone is 80+ reputation. I love you.